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History of Reiki
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Dr Mikao Usui
Dr Mikao Usui Reiki was rediscovered in Japan in late 1800s by a Buddhist monk, Dr Mikao Usui. On his initial journey Dr Usui made his way to the sacred Mount Kurama North of Kyoto-Japan, where he fasted and meditated for 21 days. Reiki history This helped him to attain a high altered state of consciousness which he believed would empower him with healing energy. Additionally, there is a small waterfall in Kurama where even today people go to meditate. The meditation is quite unique as it involves standing under the waterfall and allowing the water to fall over the top of the head. This process activates the crown chakra. It is thought Dr Usui may have used this meditation in his practice... After 21 days, he woke feeling quite exhausted and decided to leave, when, just as he was about to do so, a great spiritual energy came down into the top of his head, and it was then he became enlightened. The energy also brought with it "Reiki Ryoho", which is the ability to heal. Dr Usui returned to his Zen Master and, in running down the mountain to do so, he fell and stubbed his toe on a rock and fell. As most would do he placed his hands over his toe where the pain was and in doing so, felt healing energy starting to flow all by itself. The pain on his toe went at once and he was healed. Dr Usui was completely amazed by this experience and it was at this point he realised he had healing powers which he then used to help many others throughout his life.

Dr Chujiro Hayashi
Dr Hayashi Reiki history One of Dr Usui’s students was Dr Chujiro Hayashi who continued in the steps of Dr Usui and later on opened another clinic which operated until 1940.

Dr Hayashi developed a new style of Reiki, which has the same energy lineage as Usui Reiki, however is also responsible for the formal aspects of Reiki which are taught today, mostly the hand positions and the science based practices held within Reiki.

Dr Hayashi’s fame spread throughout Japan and he brought healing energies to many.

Hawayo Takata
Hawao Takata Born in Kawai, Hawaii to Japanese parents, Hawao suddenly became sick with a tumour among other conditions and decided not to seek treatment in hospital but travel to Japan. There she met Dr Hayashi and, although she did not know anything about Reiki, she started to have daily treatment and eventually was healed after four months.

Since then Mrs Takata decided to learn from her personal experience and to learn Reiki from Dr Hayashi. It was Mrs Takata who later started to pass Reiki onto others in Kawai, and spread her knowledge into the western world through teaching Reiki.