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"Katya is totally professional. She is punctual, reliable and completely dedicated to her work. My individual problems have always been taken into consideration from nutrition, to fitness with appropriate exercises for my back where I had problems for years. The benefits have made a big difference to my every day life and the sessions always vary to suit my needs. I would not hesitate to recommend Katya to anyone."
Donna G.

"Katya is very professional, helpful, friendly and punctual. She always knows how to get the best out of her clients and I feel the time spent with her is great value for the quality of what I get in return. She follows me during the session and after, when I am on my own. If I need any additional advice she is always just a short email or phone call away. I follow Katya with personal training but also group classes wherever she teaches."
Yvette O.V.

"I was terribly unfit when I sought Katya’s help as a personal trainer and her expertise enabled me to begin building up my stamina in a matter of weeks. Katya is an expert in her field and tailored my fitness programme according to my specific needs. This enabled me to work at a realistic pace and also brought me surprisingly quick results. Katya’s easy going nature made her a joy to train with as she combined both patience and enthusiasm with interesting and challenging exercises. She also monitored my minute-to-minute progress to ensure I would not over exert myself and cause damage, yet kept up a pace steady enough to ensure results. I have always appreciated Katya’s flexibility and only stopped training with her as I had to move overseas. I would recommend Katya to anyone wishing to get fit, fitter or just wanting support with getting up and go."
Briana B.

"I employed Katya as my Personal Trainer and over the period of 2 years found her to be exemplary in terms of her ability to devise appropriate and effective programs. Her programs included all the fitness components and were punctually revised. She substituted cardiovascular activities which I could not take part in, with others better suited to me. She relieved my stress levels very much and increased my energy levels. She also helped me with my tennis elbow. I would summarise Katya as highly professional, motivated, sympathetic, enthusiastic, a good communicator with a good sense of humour. She is an excellent personal trainer and I would highly recommend her to anyone."
Kath T.

"Katya worked for our club as personal trainer and fitness consultant and proved an invaluable member of the team. I was constantly impressed with her dedication and commitment to her position and the clients. She focused on achieving the highest standards of customer service and she was popular with both staff and members. She is unfailingly polite and her positive attitude is inspiring making her a pleasure to work with."
I have no doubt Katya will be a credit to any team and I have no hesitation in giving her the highest of recommendations."
Jo O.

"Katya helped me improve my overall fitness and strength with weekly sessions aimed at helping me to run and complete my first half marathon. She also gives me good advice with my nutrition and general lifestyle changes. My programs are devised to fit my needs and regularly revised and challenged."
Mary D.

"Katya enabled me to get stronger and lose weight, not to mention improve my physical fitness and wellbeing. I had back pain and could not participate in low impact activities, and with Katya’s help I managed to improve my fitness level without exacerbating my back complaint. She is a very professional and knowledgeable personal trainer; the health and safety of her clients is always at the forefront. Programs are well structured and regularly reviewed to maintain and improve fitness levels. She is not just professional and friendly, but generally interested in people. I would not hesitate to recommend Katya."
Sheila T.

"Katya is a very competent personal trainer and very knowledgeable therefore always able to answer any of my questions relating to any specific problems or exercise regime. She has worked with my older age group which helps as I have arthritis. The exercises are aimed at easing my conditions and I am very happy to recommend her as very caring and considerate trainer to anyone."
Anna M.