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Stress Management

Looking into your everyday life and identifying all areas of stress cluttering the mind. Learning how to identify these aspects, and through coping strategies implement an action plan with achievable, realistic and suitable long lasting strategies.
$120 - 90 minutes
$90 - 60 minutes


The benefits of meditation are many and include: better sleep, thinking with clarity, regulated emotions, reduced blood pressure, calmness, increased positivity and many more. I will discuss your situation and offer a personalised approach into various methods of meditation starting from the very basics.
$30 - 30 minutes
$50 - 60 minutes

Breathing Techniques

Many of us can’t remember when we last took a nice deep breath. What we can remember though is how we immediately felt better when we did, and how we hadn’t realised our necessity to breathe deeply... Breathing is crucial for existence, yet not many know how to correctly breathe. It is proven incorrect breathing can impair delivery of oxygen, create stagnant energies, blockages and over time generate illness. Through various techniques you will be reconnected with the miracle of life given by your simple breath...
Please ask as this will vary depending on assessment.

learn to breathe properly, Mornington Peninsula

Reiki Healing

Reiki originated in Japan in the early 1900s and is a non invasive method of healing. The focus is to reset the balance of the body's energy flow by removing blockages which in turn will assist in promoting wellbeing and restoring energy levels. Once this process happens relief from stress, anxiety and pain can be experienced, thus accelerating the body's own self healing ability.
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Some of the many benefits from Reiki therapy are:
Cleared blockages and assisted recovery
Emotional release
Release of stress, anxiety, tension
Improves quality of sleep
Increased balance between mind, body and spirit
Reconnection with the self
$120 - 90 minutes
$90 - 60 minutes


Multiple weekly Sessions: Should you book more than 2 sessions per week a cheaper package cost will be offered.
Block of 10 sessions or combine 2 or more of the above services and a cheaper package cost will be offered.
Refer a friend and you will be entitled to a discount on your next session.
Special Offers: Check emails for periodical special offers.

Online Advice

Advice online can be provided for certain services such as nutrition and stress management and others. Cost to be agreed in advance but generally considerably less than face to face.

All Services

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